What Happens When a Warrant is Issued for My Arrest?

Once you discover the government has a bench or arrest warrant against you, you need to takeaction immediately. If you missed a court date or a hearing that a judge ordered you to attend, the judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. With a warrant against you, the police can arrest you at any time during a routine traffic stop, at your place of work, even at home. If you do not address the warrant for your arrest, you can live in constant fear of detainment

Types of Arrest Warrants

There are multiple types of arrest warrants, each with different consequences. A bench warrant allows police officers to take you into custody at any time and bring you before the court for your failure to appear when the court summoned you. A bench warrant can allow officers to detain you without bond until your scheduled court date arrives.

If the court finds you guilty of failing to appear in court or holds you in contempt of court, you may face a jail sentence or fines. Once you fail to appear in court, a judge may suspend your driver's license until you appear. This means you cannot legally drive until you face the judge. If an officer finds you driving with an arrest warrant and a suspended license, you can face serious Consequences.

There are two types of arrests - one that stems from a warrant and one that does not. Typically, the police must have an arrest warrant to arrest someone and bring him or her to jail. If an arrest warrant has your name on it, police do not need any other reason to detain you. Officers can legally assume you have committed some crime that gives them probable cause for arrest. Warrantless arrests can occur any time an officer personally witnesses a crime or has probable cause to believe a person committed a crime.

What to Do When You Hear of a Warrant for Your Arrest

As soon as you hear of a warrant for your arrest, confirm its veracity by conducting an online warrant search. You can search for outstanding arrest warrants online and check if your name is on the list. You can also find out the date of the supposed offense, when the court filed charges against you, the case type, and any fines involved. You can simply ask an officer if there is a warrant out for your arrest or call the courthouse from a different location and ask, if you do not want police to arrest you on the spot. Calling the courthouse gives you time to consult an attorney.

Consult a lawyer about your arrest warrant as soon as you can. A criminal defense lawyer can answer any questions you have about your situation and help you navigate the complex legal field in your county. If your arrest warrant is for missing a court date, your lawyer can speak with a judge on your behalf and have your name cleared of the arrest warrant. If you face consequences for crimes such as a sexual offense, driving under the influence, possession of drugs, or other criminal acts, a criminal defense attorney can help you navigate a trial.

Contact an Attorney Today About Your Arrest Warrant

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