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Do You Have to Speak to a Detective After the Charges Are Dropped?

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Anyone arrested for a crime should retain a defense attorney as soon as possible, ideally before they face formal charges. When the police arrest a suspect they must “mirandize” the suspect, and grant a detained or arrested citizen certain other civil rights, which are important to understand, as they may play a part in later […]

Open Carry Laws in Texas

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In early 2016, state legislators approved an open carry law in Texas. In June, Governor Greg Abbott signed it into law. There’s been much confusion about what this means for citizens, so we’re breaking down what you need to know about the new statute. What Is the Open Carry Law? Texans can now carry their […]

Is it Illegal to Jailbreak or Unlock Your Cell Phone?

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Rooting and jailbreaking are the practices of removing certain restrictions on operating systems to serve the owner’s purposes. Hacking any Apple products’ DRM is collectively called jailbreaking, and rooting refers to bypassing Android DRM. Nearly all manufacturers of electronic devices from tablets to smart phones have protections called Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. DRM serves […]