Houston Labor Certification Lawyer

Labor certification is a three-step process initiated by a potential or current employer that results in the issue of a ‘green card‘ and permanent residence for the prospective immigrant.

This type of certification often begins when the employer works with an attorney to iterate the title and duties of a full-time position in a company. This would include including the education and experience requirements. The job description is then forwarded to the labor department of the state in which the company is based; where realistic wage parameters are set that reflect similar positions.

The job must then be advertised in the United States first using various mediums including the Labor Department’s website, and other print and non-print mediums. The purpose is to ensure no citizens are capable of meeting the qualifications before the search can be extended beyond U.S. borders.

In the next step the employer lobbies U.S. immigration for an ‘immigrant petition’ that would permit them to seek out and hire alien workers. The process will proceed if No suitable candidate was found for the job offered; and the education and experience requirements indicated by the employer are fair and realistic for the job.

You will then be considered for the position if you (the applicant) are qualified for the job as evidenced by both your education and work experience the employer can validate their capability to meet the proposed salary offer.

Finally, when the aforementioned conditions are approved, you and your immediate family are able to then apply for permanent residence – or your green cards through the ‘adjustment of status’ process either in your native country or – if you are currently residing the United States – then here in this country.

There are a wide variety of immigrant visa categories for those who are granted permission to work in the United States including (but not limited to) such categories as ‘Aliens with Extraordinary Ability’; Visa for Australian Professionals; and the ‘NAFTA Work Visa for Canadians and Mexicans’.

It is suggested that you seek the professional guidance of an experienced immigration attorney to support you and your family throughout the process.